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 Bovine Reproduction




CTVH is excited to help you improve the genetics of your cattle herd and improve the quality of calves you have hitting the ground.  One of the easiest ways to improve these genetics is breeding to higher quality bulls with established pedigrees.  Unfortunately, these types of bulls often come with a heavy price tag and a greater risk associated with actually owning the animal.  All this can be avoided by purchasing frozen semen from a reputable company, breeder or producer and using that to Artificially Inseminate your cows. This will allow improved genetics without the high price of purchasing an entire bull.  It also allows variation year to year on breeding, and more animals can be retained for replacement females.  CTVH is happy to help with synchronization protocols as well as doing the insemination of your cows.  


Maybe you already have a cow or two with good genetics that provide exceptional calves each year and you would like to get more of those calves on the ground per year.  CTVH can help you accomplish this by super ovulating your best cows and fertilizing and collecting multiple embryos from these cows. These embryos can then be frozen for future use or transferred into recipient cows in your herd.  This will allow you to get multiple calves with the same genetics all being born in the same year.  


Call and tell us how we can help you produce the cattle you are striving to supply.

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